How to pack for a flight.

Depending on how long your flight is it can be quite a bit you want to take with you in your carry on luggage. We created this packing list for your carry on luggage so that you won’t find yourself trapped on an air plane without the items you desperately need. We hope you like our carry on packing list. Feel free to share it with you friends. They might find a carry on packing list handy as well.

◊  Tickets
◊  Passport / ID
◊  Itinerary
◊  Carry-On Luggage
◊  Pillow
◊  Eye Mask / Ear Plugs
◊  Charger / Power Bank
◊  Headphones
◊  Tooth Brush for Flights
◊  (Hand) Sanitizer
◊  Book / E-reader / Kindle / Magazines
◊  Travel Games / Puzzles / Playing Cards
◊  Snacks / Drinks / Gum
◊  Foldable Water Bottle for past security
◊  Medication / Travel Sickness Pills / Sleeping Pills
◊  Sunglasses / Hat
◊  Travel Blanket
◊  Warm Socks

Alright, now you are well prepared for your flight. Thanks to this carry on packing list you won’t find yourself on an airplane without the luggage items you desperately need. Have a safe trip and enjoy!