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The three most distinct regions of Jamaica are Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril Jamaica is the Gem of the Caribbean. The three most distinct regions of Jamaica are Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril and are all linked by lush green jungles, white sand beaches and of course, reggae music. Jamaica is where reggae was born, and the island still moves to a relaxed beat.

Pirates once roamed its waters, but today, visitors are drawn to its miles and miles of white-sand beaches to soak up the sun. Relaxing is a must in this sunny, laid back country; but waterfalls, mountains and many outstanding golf courses coax visitors off the beaches and into action.

Shopping for crafts and souvenirs in local markets and dancing the night away are also popular activities. “No problem” is the island’s unofficial motto.

What You Need To Know

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: A valid U.S. passport is recommended. An original Birth Certificate with a raised seal or a certified copy together with a photo ID is also acceptable. However, by the beginning of 2006, only a valid U.S. passport will be accepted.


CURRENCY: Jamaican Dollar, although the U.S. Dollar is widely accepted.

ELECTRICITY: 110 volts/60 cycles, same as U.S.

TAXES & OTHER CHARGES: There is a government room tax based on hotel and a service charge up to 10%. there is a Jamaican departure tax of $27.00 U.S.

CLIMATE: The climate varies from tropical in the coastal regions, to temperate in the mountains. The average temperature if 80°F, with an annual rainfall of 85″.

TIPPING: Most restaurants add a ten percent (10%) service charge. When not included, tip 10-15%. Room maids should be tipped $1-$2 per day. Taxi drivers do not expect tips, however, 10% is customary.


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