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blue iguana mexican fiesta on carnival cruise lines

BlueIguana’s Mexican Fiesta

No matter your style, you’ll be singing the blues — in a good way — at this fiesta.

You can always count on BlueIguana Tequila Bar for that south-of-the-border flavor, but when it’s fiesta time, this place really shines. In fact, it doesn’t just shine, it glistens like it was under the hot Tijuana sun. (¡Muy caliente!) But with slushy tequila drinks and ice-cold Mexican cervezas — plus cool customers like you — keeping cool here is never much of a problem.

Age Range:Fun For All
Cost:included-with-cruiseINCLUDED WITH CRUISE


holidays aboard

Holidays Aboard

Holidays are some of the greatest days…and definitely some of the best to be enjoying a cruise.

Seeing old faces. Seeing young faces. Seeing your entire family’s faces with eyes alight with wonder and smiles radiating joy — this is the essence of the holiday magic that’s best experienced aboard a Carnival cruise. Of course we help make every day at sea special, but we crank the dial way up when holidays roll around. You’ll enjoy specially-planned events and timely decorations around the ship, plus keep an eye out for some of those special seasonal dishes you’d be enjoying back home… so make yourself at home.

Age Range:Fun For All
Cost:included-with-cruiseINCLUDED WITH CRUISE


sail away party on carnival cruise lines

Sailaway Party

Get ready to have an absolute blast, from the moment we get going.

There are two kinds of people — land people and sea people. Unless they were born on a pirate ship or something, pretty much everybody starts out as a land person. And look, there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s a process for becoming a sea person, and the Sailaway Party on your first Carnival cruise is where the transformation occurs. It’s actually pretty easy: get there and… you’re in the club and ready to celebrate! (Then, on your second Carnival cruise — and let’s be honest, you’ll be back — strap on your sea legs, find a cruise newbie and join them in a toast to the great times to come.)

Age Range:Fun For All
Cost:included-with-cruiseINCLUDED WITH CRUISE


redfrog caribbean beach party on carnival cruise lines

RedFrog’s Caribbean Beach Party

No matter where you’re cruising, there’s always a little Caribbean flavor in your cruise.

Cruising fits the Caribbean like a glove… not like you’d ever need gloves in the Caribbean. RedFrog Rum Bar fits too — this onboard, open-air locale is a great place to indulge in the laid-back Caribbean lifestyle, no matter which sea you happen to be cruising. So to make sure you don’t forget to celebrate, mon, we’ve scheduled an outdoor Caribbean-style beach party during your cruise. And of course you’re invited!

Age Range:Fun For All
Cost:included-with-cruiseINCLUDED WITH CRUISE



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