In this world full of information on just about everything, Amber Cove is a throwback — it’s the kind of quiet little spot you won’t find on most maps. But you will find it — brimming with bars and pools, plus opportunities for lounging and shopping — to be the gateway to island paradise, Dominican-style. Beyond Amber Cove is Puerto Plata, a town that began life as the first European settlement in the Americas. Its founder? Oh, just a guy named Christopher Columbus… so you know that arriving by sea is the ultimate way to get here.

  • Explore Fort San Felipe, originally built to ward off pirates, which today welcomes curious travelers of all kinds.
  • This spot is known for its remarkable local amber — actually the clearest you’ll find anywhere in the world.
  • Walk the famed Malecón, a three-mile-long open air beach-side boardwalk dotted with bars, restaurants and shops.
  • Swim with dolphins, stingrays — and yes, even sharks! — at Ocean World.


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